Welcome To Earl Grey & Polka Dots

I believe in quiet moments, spaciousness, and, of course, delicious cups of soothing tea.

I believe in products created for these moments & made as consciously as possible.

I believe in choosing ourselves each day, and delighting in small wonders.

And I believe in educating other on how to create this spaciousness, quiet, joy, and wonder!


it's a Pleasure to meet you!

I'm Sara Pietila: self care warrior, obsessed with tea, crazy cat lady, and enchanted by travel. It's my heart's desire to design beautiful products, and valuable services that serve amazing women who need a quiet moment with a cup of tea.                 And have a kick-ass time doing it *wink*

self-care - buzz word or legit?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've probably heard "self-care" bandied about all over social media, and the news. So what is self-care and how important is it?


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I love sharing my self-care stories and tips over on Anchor! You can check it out my episodes right here!