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What is Steeped In Love?

Steeped In Love is a weekly writing course challenging you to share love with fellow human beings through the written word. 

We use the word "love" frequently and casually.  What if we used it frequently and with intention? The intention to do good, and create a loving world & loving relationships.  Steeped In Love asks us to dig deep and give love - even when it's difficult. 

Every Monday of February you will receive an email with the weekly writing prompt.  You will be invited to carve out time to drink a cup of tea (or coffee!), steep yourself in love and write a handwritten note/letter. Each prompt will inspire you to send a thoughtful, and deeply loving handwritten note. 


How do I sign up?

Sign up in the box below! You will receive a welcome email with more information about Steeped in Love, tips on how to set aside time for the course, information on our special bonus, and a few other thoughts! This course is free and all it takes is signing up with your email address!

The challenge begins February 6th! I can't wait to see you there!


Earl Grey & Polka Dots is offering a special "Bundle of Love" for this challenge. Each bundle will include 4 cards & envelopes, and 4 stamps for only $18, and will ship free. You'll have your pick of of cards from our inventory. These bundles will help make this challenge even easier to accomplish as you'll have the necessary tools for each week of Steeped In Love. Purchase here!

(No purchase is necessary in order to participate in Steeped In Love.)