May Green Challenge & Giveaway

Happy May! We MADE it! It felt like winter was going to hold on into July but this week we've had the most beautiful weather: blue skies, soft breeze, and lots of sun.

While enjoying this beautiful weather I also can't help but think of how fortunate and blessed we are to live on this planet. And how we have to make better daily choices in honor of our Earth. 

One of the most important changes we can make is saying no to plastic. I bet if you spent one day keeping track of how much plastic you use or purchase you'd be astonished.

Here are a few examples:

Your food? Is often packaged in plastic. From takeout to the grocery store - lots of plastic!

Your Amazon delivery? Shipped in plastic and/or a box filled with plastic shipping materials.

Your makeup? Plastic packaging.

Your cleaning devices (scrub brushes/broom)? Made of plastic.

Your phone? Housed in a plastic case!

So this month we are saying NO to plastic phone cases! It's a small but helpful step! 


How do you say no to plastic phone cases?

If you are in the market for a new one? Do the research! Search out an Earth-friendly version!

If you already own one: Keep using it - but when you consider replacing it? Find a plastic alternative like Pela!

Pela's cases are made from a plant-based material AND many of the cases they sell give a portion of their proceeds to organizations giving back to the Earth!

So this month I'm giving away a gorgeous Pela phone case! Pela phone cases are made for most iPhones (iPhone 5 and newer) and a few Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S7 & Engraved Samsung Galaxy S7).

Choosing differently means doing so ONE HABIT & ONE PRODUCT at a time!

Let's do it together!

With love & tea,