April Green Challenge & Giveaway


Did you know that each year on the US we use 100 billions single use plastic bags? And then, likely, we throw them away? Only 1 out of every 7 bags is recycled. I know, often these statistics are often horrifying and overwhelming.

This month I'm making your shopping not only more Earth friendly, but also so much prettier *wink*

Our challenge this month is to say YES to reusable bags!


Which means, in turn, saying no to plastic bags. My secret? I keep reusable shopping & produce bags in the back of my car so when I get to the store I've got all the tools I need to shop Earth friendly!

This month I'm giving away an adorable Little Market shopping bag and a set of reusable produce bags!

The Little Market not only sources sustainable & fair trade goods but also employs artisan makers around the world, often investing in education in their communities. To top it off - everything they sell is adorable.

Enter the giveaway below AND let me know if you're taking the challenge to use reusable bags this month!


With love & tea,