March GREEN Challenge and Giveaway

I have a habit. A bad one. I LOVE getting a fancy cup of tea. A London fog or a chai latte. Something extra delicious to keep my going on busy days or while I run errands.


How about you? Are you a frequent Starbucks or local coffee company visitor? Do you have a daily, or even twice daily, habit? That's cool! Live your best life friend!

However, if you are getting a disposable cup every time you go then you are contributing to the 50 million single-use coffee cups used each year! But guess what? It's an easy fix.


Say NO to single-use cups! Easy, right? All you need is a cute travel mug and I've got you covered!

This month I'm giving away one of these ADORABLE Klean Kanteen travel mugs from Tea Bar.


When you win *fingers crossed for you* you'll get to pick between these two adorable designs shipped straight to your house!

If you're in for the challenge let me know in the comments & enter the giveaway below: 


With love & tea,