Simplify: a New Years inspiration!


I have never believed much in choosing New Year's Resolutions or a "word of the year." It all felt like a forced social ritual where we all try to convince each other (and ourselves) how great we were going to be in the New Year. And you know what? My resolutions would always get tossed aside because I while I craved change, I didn't know how to implement it.

Enter 2017 - possibly the hardest year of my life so far.

And best. Which sounds crazy - I know. Yet, in the deeply hard moments, I have discovered and cultivated growth in ways I did not know were possible. I grew in my faith. I grew in my love for life and my husband. I grew in confidence.

And I grieved. I grieved the death of my best friend Lisa. I grieved when we thought our kitten Wicket would die (praise the Lord he is doing so well). I grieved the difficult diagnosis of a very close family member. All of these moments brought me to my knees. And as I continue into 2018 I need to create space (physical and mental) to continue to grieve.

And in that vein I am making an intentional path for 2018. To create space for myself. To create an intentional life. And to give myself grace.

These last 2 months I've been working on the prep work in Lara Casey's PowerSheets. One of the pages is your "word of the year" page - and included in the PowerSheets is a small card to document your word on and display it. After weeks of writing, I found one word kept popping up: simplify.

This word was like electricity. It lit me up. It filled me with a fire to do exactly that: simplify.

We live in a high information, low buffer world. There's so much coming at us each day - how do we wade through it and still have room to breathe? We simplify by signing off. Unsubscribing. Spending less. Living more. Clearing clutter and creating space.

This year I'm making an intentional plan to simplify my daily life in small ways: decluttering each room of my home slowly and purposefully, purchasing fewer items that will only end up as clutter in my home, creating simple organizational structures to deal with paperwork instead of moving it from space to space, automated savings for retirement each month, creating monthly meal plans & ordering food online to avoid impulse/sugary purchases & overspending, batching my work hours, creating space for tea time!

I know these might seem like a lot of work initially but I'm excited about spending more time cultivating new systems in my life NOW that will give me back time over the year. 

How are you simplifying your life? Is there anything you can do before the end of the year to streamline and simplify your life going into 2018? I would love to hear how!

With love & tea,