Breaking Up With Busy Week 4 - Self Care



Welcome to the final week of "Breaking Up With Busy." One of the best ways to distance ourselves from busy is to create space for self-care. This is a super "buzzy" word right now, but it's so much bigger than the buzz.

My belief is that self-care is the active choice of prioritizing yourself, your needs, and your desires on a daily basis. This may sound simple but it is often something that either gets done, or doesn't, based on how much time we have.

So I've broken down self-care into 3 easy modes that are as easy to remember as they are to implement, and are based on my self-care mantra:

Be still. Breath deeply. Drink tea.

My 3 modes of self-care:

The first mode is: Be still. This mode is about awareness. It's the moment you realize your heart is racing, your hands are clenched, or you are getting frustrated with simple tasks.

This is the moment where being still and recognizing you are in need of a break is your best choice. Sometimes it is just as simple as pausing to get yourself back to balance.

The second mode is: Breathe deeply. This mode is about shifting your mindset. It is about recognizing when your belief is that you don't have time for yourself that is the moment that you need to choose yourself most. The moment you need to step away from your to do list and go for a walk or take a few deep breaths.

The third mode is: Drink tea. This mode is about permission to choose. To choose joy, choose rest, choose space. 

This is the moment you choose to play with your kiddo, instead of vacuum the house. The moment you cuddle with the cats & take a nap, instead of crossing "one more thing" off of your to-do list. The moment you recognize the joy you feel in choosing yourself over busy. It's a big moment. And it pairs perfectly with a cup of tea *wink*