How A Perfect To Do List Can Save You From A Carb Coma!

If you're anything like me, and are a small business owner, your morning looks something like this:

Wake up, throw on sweats & a T-shirt, make a cup of coffee/tea, sit down at your computer and BAM! A complete inability to begin. You are frozen and not in the adorable Disney movie way!

You have no idea where to start. There are 100 things you could be working on but which task should be first: blog post, Instagram photo shoot, Facebook ads, new email marketing campaign, cry, sleep, stuff your face with all of the bagels to avoid deciding?!?!

Being an entrepreneur is crazy awesome. And crazy stressful, and crazy rewarding, and sometimes...just plain crazy. 

Here are a few ways to make to do lists that are functional, concise, and will help ease some of that entrepreneurial anxiety:

 Grab a cup of tea or coffee, an adorable notepad, and follow along to make the most of your future to do lists!

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, an adorable notepad, and follow along to make the most of your future to do lists!

1. What will move the needle the most? 

If you haven't yet, you should definitely check out Hilary Rushford.  She is an incredible personal stylist and business coach (find her on Instagram @hilaryrushford)! One of the things she teaches regularly is focusing on the one thing that will move the needle the most in your business.

Which item on your list will help you reach more people, build your list, and bring in more income?

As the summer was beginning this year I sat down and made a GIANT list. I wrote down everything I wanted to do with Earl Grey & Polka Dots over the summer months.  I had all kinds of ideas of blog posts, products, marketing techniques, etc.  Having too many options made it impossible to figure out the one thing that would bring in more income!

So put down the bagel and ask yourself this question: What is the move I can make that will move the needle the most today?

2. What can be done today?

This is just a bit of psychology: create a list of items you can actually achieve in one day and you are more likely to achieve them.

What is the point of making a to do list?  So you can check the items off when you've completed them, obviously!  Instant gratification AND getting stuff done! 

What happens when you make a list that is unachievable? If you are unable to complete the items on the list you may feel discouraged, and frustrated. And you may lose motivation to keep pushing forward through that 2pm energy lull and that's when stuffing your face with bagels and curling up in a ball on your couch seems to be the only answer!

Little tip:

Don't just write: create blog post. Write out steps that will help you achieve creating that post:

1. Create bullet points for blog, 2. Flesh out bullet points, 3. Choose blog pictures/artwork, 4. Brainstorm catchy post titles.

Each step is integral in creating a blog post, but as soon as you've completed one you get to knock it off the list and DIVE IN to the next one. 

And "give yourself a high five" to the list - and then check it RIGHT OFF!

3. Sometimes two or three lists really are better than one!

Create a monthly list of larger/big picture goals, then a weekly list of projects and items, and then finally, a daily achievable to do list!

Keep in mind: monthly goal setting has to be incredibly realistic, and well thought out.  These lists must be anchored in the knowledge that these are projects you can potentially complete within a 30 day period or else that list will sit on your wall/computer monitor/desk and mock you ceaselessly while you cry in the corner.

Having different lists helps you keep a healthy perspective or what truly can and can not be done in what time frame.  

Productivity is tricky. I believe it's a mix of motivation and organization. And if being organized can help keep you motivated then you have found the holy grail! 

If you're looking for the perfect notepad with which to create all of these beautiful lists - look no further than our "You Got This" to do list. It's 50% inspiring, 50% pretty, and 100% for #bossbabes & #entrepreneurs! 

With love & tea,