The Fall Drink to rival those Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

A new favorite in the hot drinks world is the London Fog. It began its life in the Pacific Northwest. Some say it was invented in Vancouver, B.C., but no one has claimed credit for its creation.

Once a barista at a small coffee shop in Seattle told me that Starbucks actually created it and named it "London Fog." As a "Brit-obsessed-American" the name is certainly part of the draw, but its truly delicious flavor keeps me coming back for more! 

So...what IS a London Fog? It is essentially a tea latte: brewed tea + sweetener/flavor + frothed milk. It is easy to make at home if you have a few essential pieces of equipment, and still fairly easy to make even without those pieces of equipment! 

A How-To Guide For Creating A London Fog

First step - tea! 

My personal favorite is Tazo. I love Tazo because it is a local company (out of Portland, OR), it is a nicely balanced and strong enough to still taste once you've added the milk.  

You'll want to boil the water on your stovetop in a kettle, or pan. Or if you have an electric kettle that will do the trick as well! It's important to boil the water instead of heating it in the microwave because the microwave will heat the water unevenly and the water will lost it's heat very quickly.

Once the water has boiled steep your tea bag for about 5 minutes. Only fill the water to about the halfway point in your mug. 

Next step: flavor & sweetener! 

I personally sweeten & flavor mine with about a teaspoon of raw sugar & a 1/2 of a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. I keep the amount of sweetener to a minimum because I don't want the sweetness to strangle the flavor of the tea. 

It is important to note that I add the sweetener & flavor directly to the steeped tea - adding it to the milk can create problems if you are using a frother to froth the milk.

Next step - froth the milk!

Frothing the milk is easier than it looks.  You can either:

1. Purchase a frother! I use the Epica Automatic Electric Frother. You can purchase it from my AStore right here! Purchasing from my AStore means I get a little kickback from Amazon & YOU get the best frother without having to dig around Amazon! On my AStore I have also included a few more useful tools for creating "The Perfect London Fog."

I have owned other frothers and this one is the best. It heats the milk, and froths it and it can also froth it without heating - in case you wanted a cold frothed drink. It can create cappuccino foam, or latte foam. My husband uses it to create hemp milk lattes & cappuccinos! (It is also easy to clean, and, so far, in 9 months has had no electrical issues, as I have experienced with other frothers).

2. You can easily froth at home without a frother. You just need a small pan and whisk. You heat the milk over low to medium heat and whisk it as it heats. The whisk helps create the froth and keeps the milk from burning. Continue to whisk until the milk is heated thoroughly! You can use cow's milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or hemp milk! My favorite is almond milk!

Final step - combine for a delicious mid morning/afternoon/night delight!

London Fogs are wonderfully warm for the cold fall mornings we are experiencing currently.  They are perfect to share with your best friend, or love. Or just to drink as you hang out with your cat (that's pretty much every day here at Earl Grey & Polka Dots!).  

One of my favorite things about the London Fog is how easy it is to make, which leaves your time open to enjoy the little things.

Take a picture of your homemade London Fog and tag me on Instagram @earlgreyandpolkadots - I would love to see! Also, tell me how you spent your time while drinking it!

With all of my love and some tea,