The lost art of the LOVE letter

The practice of writing love letters has shifted over the last 20-30 years from handwritten letters, to lengthy emails, and finally to text messages and snap chats. While some may argue about which form is best - all have merit. Although, imagining poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning penning "UR GR8! Heart U like srsly!" seems absurd.

In the process of our ever evolving technology we may have lost the ability to express ourselves without the use of a heart emoji or an "LOL." We find ourselves with feelings that are hard to communicate and words that seem inarticulate or lackluster. Therefore, the question remains: HOW do we write a love letter?

First: create a space in which to compose. Find a clear surface to write and turn off or take away any distractions: television, phone, or laptop. Set the mood by lighting a candle or turning on soft music. You may also want to include a delicious beverage (tea, coffee, wine) or a snack to keep your creative energy flowing!  This space will allow you the mental clarity to reflect on what you intend to communicate.

How to begin: 

1. Write the date (month and year).  This ensures the recipient will be able to recall when they received this lovely letter. 

2. Start with their name.  Or a term of endearment: my love, or sweetheart.  Or combine the two: sweetest/dearest {insert name here}.   It doesn't matter exactly how you address it as long as it feels natural to you.

3. Why are you writing this letter?  Is it a 'just because' kind of letter, is it Valentine's day, or an anniversary?  Mention why you are writing.  This is important because it sets the scene and gives a jumping off point.  It's easier to communicate when you know the reason for doing so!

4. Now DIG DEEP!  What do you hope to express in this letter? This is the moment to share your unrequited love, or express to your life partner why you're still irrevocably in love. 

This section may be the most difficult to compose. Don't overthink it. Start with a favorite quote or song lyric and build from there. Speak out loud what you intend to write to suss out if it feels natural, or write freely on a scratch piece of paper and narrow down what's essential and honest. There is no wrong way to write a love letter as long as it is genuine and heartfelt. It doesn't need to be written in flowery language. It must just be your words. From your heart.

5. Finish with hope and love. Write something about your future. Or write how much you want to hold them.  Or how lucky you are to know each other. This love letter may be just the beginning of your relationship, or it might be the continuation of an ongoing love affair. Either way, you want your last words to feel important and you can always end it with "those three little words."

6. Finally, sign it.  End it with a "Love, {insert name here}" or with kisses and hugs: xoxo.  Or just your name.

It is simple: what makes or breaks a love letter is sincerity. It is not the amount of words on the page or the poetry with which they are written. In fact, when writing a love letter it must truly reflect your writing and speaking or else risk sounding like a generic greeting card.  Write what is truly in you and you cannot go wrong.

With love and tea,


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