Welcome to the earl grey & Polka Dots blog

As my first blog post I want to make something very clear: coffee lovers, drinkers, enthusiasts and those who need it infused intravenously - you are welcome here.  I know the brand name may put you off, and maybe you think Earl Grey stinks.  You are still welcome. 

In fact, not too long ago I was just like you.  In this previous life I was an avid coffee fan.  I imbibed daily and, most often, several times a day.  It was a very "Green Eggs And Ham" time: I drank it here, I drank it there; I enjoyed it with some milk, I enjoyed it while wearing silk!

Then a few years ago I started dealing with a stomach that didn't love coffee as much as my taste buds did.  This was a very sad moment for me.  However, within a few short months I turned to tea as a substitute and realized my love for tea was as great as that for coffee.

Since then I have developed quite the palette for my favorite tea - Earl Grey.  I am fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where Earl Grey latte's began their existence and I take full advantage of it!  And, occasionally, I still have a decaf latte for old times sake.

All that being said, don't be put off by my love of tea.  My love for coffee lives on and, in the very near future, there WILL be coffee related items here at Earl Grey and Polka Dots. 

With love and tea,


P.S. Just in case there is any confusion - stripes, solids and florals are also welcome here!  Also, shop our cards here.