May Green Challenge & Giveaway

Happy May! We MADE it! It felt like winter was going to hold on into July but this week we've had the most beautiful weather: blue skies, soft breeze, and lots of sun.

While enjoying this beautiful weather I also can't help but think of how fortunate and blessed we are to live on this planet. And how we have to make better daily choices in honor of our Earth. 

One of the most important changes we can make is saying no to plastic. I bet if you spent one day keeping track of how much plastic you use or purchase you'd be astonished.

Here are a few examples:

Your food? Is often packaged in plastic. From takeout to the grocery store - lots of plastic!

Your Amazon delivery? Shipped in plastic and/or a box filled with plastic shipping materials.

Your makeup? Plastic packaging.

Your cleaning devices (scrub brushes/broom)? Made of plastic.

Your phone? Housed in a plastic case!

So this month we are saying NO to plastic phone cases! It's a small but helpful step! 


How do you say no to plastic phone cases?

If you are in the market for a new one? Do the research! Search out an Earth-friendly version!

If you already own one: Keep using it - but when you consider replacing it? Find a plastic alternative like Pela!

Pela's cases are made from a plant-based material AND many of the cases they sell give a portion of their proceeds to organizations giving back to the Earth!

So this month I'm giving away a gorgeous Pela phone case! Pela phone cases are made for most iPhones (iPhone 5 and newer) and a few Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S7 & Engraved Samsung Galaxy S7).

Choosing differently means doing so ONE HABIT & ONE PRODUCT at a time!

Let's do it together!

With love & tea,




April Green Challenge & Giveaway


Did you know that each year on the US we use 100 billions single use plastic bags? And then, likely, we throw them away? Only 1 out of every 7 bags is recycled. I know, often these statistics are often horrifying and overwhelming.

This month I'm making your shopping not only more Earth friendly, but also so much prettier *wink*

Our challenge this month is to say YES to reusable bags!


Which means, in turn, saying no to plastic bags. My secret? I keep reusable shopping & produce bags in the back of my car so when I get to the store I've got all the tools I need to shop Earth friendly!

This month I'm giving away an adorable Little Market shopping bag and a set of reusable produce bags!

The Little Market not only sources sustainable & fair trade goods but also employs artisan makers around the world, often investing in education in their communities. To top it off - everything they sell is adorable.

Enter the giveaway below AND let me know if you're taking the challenge to use reusable bags this month!


With love & tea,



The Best of Friends: the story of steady + flight

 Sara, Lisa, her sister Rachael, and sister-in-law Liz at Sara's wedding in Sweden 2014.

Sara, Lisa, her sister Rachael, and sister-in-law Liz at Sara's wedding in Sweden 2014.

I was 12 years old when I met Lisa, who was 31 at the time. An unlikely friendship for sure.

Our journey to becoming best friends is a bit long and complicated but I'll simplify it this way: Lisa was first my mentor, and then, as I became an adult, my best friend.

From the moment we met, we were, as she would say, simpatico. We instantly connected over our love of coffee (it would be about 11 more years before I had to say goodbye to coffee), writing, and talking. Even our outlook on life was similar.

Our friendship circled around coffee dates. When I was a preteen and teenager I would go to Lisa's house, we'd sit on the steps that led from her dining room to living room, and we'd drink coffee, talk for hours, and hang with her animals. It was a safe place where I could say anything

In fact, she once said to me: "You know if you killed could tell me. Oh, and I'd help you hide the body." Hilarious, and honestly she meant it in a deeper way. Though shrouded a bit in comedy she was saying "There is nothing you can say that will scare me away. I'm here for you no matter what."

In the past 4 years, we got into the habit of having coffee at least once a month. We'd often meet at my house, sit at my dining room table, and proceed to talk for 3-4 hours. Catching up on everything we'd been up to, and truly connecting in a way that's difficult to describe. She was my person. She really was the one I could say anything to; there was no shaming or judgment in our relationship. 

In the safe space that was our friendship, I thrived and came alive. Lisa was my best friend at a time when I was most impressionable. She helped me leave an abusive relationship in my teens, she always encouraged my songwriting & performing, and she was my constant companion while navigating difficult years of growth. Lisa is woven into my life and my DNA. 

 Lisa and Sara circa 2007

Lisa and Sara circa 2007

Lisa was also the person who taught me how to embrace adventure. In the 20 year span of our friendship, we traveled to New York City, the Mexican Riviera, Las Vegas, Nebraska, Canada, and even Sweden - where she was the Matron of Honor in my wedding.

And Sweden is where the seed of steady + flight was planted. The night before my wedding I gifted Lisa with an anchor necklace. I told her she was the thing that kept me grounded (and sane while I was planning a wedding in a foreign country) and always reminded me of my deeper purpose. I could tell I took her by surprise but I was grateful for a moment to celebrate her important role in my life.

The next day during her Matron of Honor speech she said if she was my anchor that I was her hot-air balloon: I uplifted her and kept her from becoming too cynical. I reminded her that there is good all around, you just have to look for it. In a day full of beautiful moments that one sticks out in my mind.

In September 2017 Lisa became very ill, just before her 51st birthday. Her illness progressed swiftly and she died October 24th, 2017. 

In the days following I began to write a eulogy for Lisa. As I wrote the story of the anchor necklace and Lisa's matron of honor speech, these words tumbled out of me: "Together we were the perfect mix of steady and flight."


And this is the moment steady + flight was born. Weeks went by after the service, but those words kept tumbling around in my head. I knew they were meant for even more than a beautiful reflection of a lifelong friendship. I began to think they could mean something to you as well.

Because friendships like the one I had with Lisa are meant to be celebrated. 

I have created, and continue to create, the products for steady + flight as a celebration of the love we have in our lives. We must be proactive in letting our friends, and loved ones know their impact. Let them know how much those coffee dates mean to us. Tell them how they've uplifted or steadied us. I know it's a cliché, but tomorrow is never promised. 

I don't want to wait another moment to tell you how much I love you. Even if we've never met. You are an important part of my story. You matter.

The first pieces of the steady + flight collection will be available via presale Monday, March 26th. I hope they bless your lives, because creating them has blessed mine. 

With love & tea,