Do you endeavor to create more space in your life?

Let me guess: you crave space. Rest. Joy. You crave these like you crave a hot fudge sundae with peanuts *wink*

Here's the thing, you are probably missing out on the life changing benefits of self care.

Now self care is a pretty buzzy word right now. It's showing up in lots of lifestyle magazines, and all over social media. And with so much hype around it, it is easy to lose sight of what self care truly is:

My belief is that self care is the active choice of prioritizing yourself, your needs, and your desires on a daily basis. Now this may sound simple, but habits die hard. If your life is filled to the brim with activities, meetings, work, home tasks, etc, then making space for self care probably seems impossible.

It isn't impossible!

Choosing yourself, actively and daily, is a matter of creating a self care strategy that is tailored JUST FOR YOU!

And it's not just choosing what kind of self care works for you but figuring out why self care isn't a part of your life right now.

It's uncovering what brings you joy and peace. And having the confidence and faith to continue to choose yourself day after day.

So who the heck am I?

You're probably wondering - who is this person and what business does she have to teach me about self care?

Well let me tell you a story: 5 years ago I was overworked, stressed out, unhappy, and anxious all the time. The things missing most in my life were: Space. Quiet. Rest. I worked a full time job and had another job on the side. My life was busy from sun up to sun down. I left no time for me. 

Over the course of a few years I began to choose myself daily. I worked to change my language around rest and stop thinking I was lazy when I craved space. To stop criticizing myself for longing for joy. To find peace in the simplest moments, and be present.

This work took time of trial and error, but I can help you start with the right strategy for your personality, for your needs, and for your desires. This will make folding self care into your life more seamless then going it alone. 

Let's be honest, having someone to help you on this new self care adventure is the best way to start! No waiting until you've got "time" to change. No hoping you'll figure it out eventually. Instead you get to walk side by side with someone who has been there, and has forged a new path of spaciousness, joy, and peace.

Now is the time to CHOOSE YOURSELF!

So what does this self care session look like? Here's the lowdown:

1. A pre-session intake form to help me better understand you and your self care needs.

2. An hour of face to face virtual coaching to discuss and create a self care strategy tailored to your needs and desires.

3. Three follow up emails, one immediately following our session with a summary of our work, and two accountability emails: one sent at 1 week, and another sent at 4 weeks. These emails will help you continue on your path of choosing yourself.

4. A beautiful printable PDF with your personalized self care strategy.

You can also upgrade to a 2 part self care session which includes another 30-45 minute session to work through any struggles or road blocks.

So...are you ready to choose yourself, space, joy, and peace? Let's do it together!

I can't wait to begin this amazing journey with you! You are a brave warrior. We are in it together and in it to win it!

With love & tea,