Sara Pietila

CEO/Writer/Designer/Tea Lover

at Earl Grey & Polka Dots


Hello, I'm Sara

I spend most of my days at my computer designing meaningful products, in my studio photographing all the pretty EG&PD items, or writing to you on Cozy Chat Wednesdays or the blog. When I'm not working I'm probably hanging out with my cats & my husband. Maybe watching Gilmore Girls for the 105th time and drinking cup after cup of tea!

A piece of my heart lives in England, and high tea is one of my favorite excuses to wear a lovely frock & some red lipstick!

I'm a sucker for a bad pun, and silly jokes. Plus, I love singing silly made up songs about my life while I clean my house or play with the cats. The weird things we do, right? I share a lot about my life & love over on Instagram, so come on over and say hi!


I am grateful to bring my paper & gift design dreams to reality here at Earl Grey & Polka Dots. I love designing products that help you create connections with your loved ones, have quiet moments by yourself, or send a little love in the post!

More than anything I want our products to impact your life. I want you to remember to savor each sip of tea out of your "Tea Is My Love Language" Mug, or that you can accomplish ANYTHING you write on your "You Got This" notepad, or to send some encouragement to someone you love with the Encouragement Postcards!

I, also, work diligently to work only with manufacturers who love this one beautiful planet of ours as much as I do! Check out my commitment to the planet!



TEA lover

I believe in tea. I believe in what tea represents: whimsy, comfort, quiet, connection, joy, & tea parties. It's about coming together, and relishing a moment alone. It's about cozy chats on the couch, and high tea at The Ritz. It's about community, and being ok in the quiet. 

I love that tea means all of this and more! I'd love to know more about what tea means to you or just about you! Please email me and let me know why YOU love tea, or anything else you'd like to share:

I hope we get the chance to have a cup of tea together someday, and until then please add yourself to my Postable mailing list where I can send you a little something in the mail.