Sara Pietila

Owner/Writer/Designer/Self-Care Coach


Hello, I'm Sara

When I'm not hard at work at my computer creating beautiful products and helping my clients, I'm probably hanging out with my cats & my husband. Maybe watching Gilmore Girls for the 105th time, or drinking cup after cup of tea!

A piece of my heart lives in England, and high tea is one of my favorite excuses to wear a lovely frock & some red lipstick!

I'm a sucker for a bad pun, and silly jokes. Plus, I love singing songs silly made up songs about my life while I clean my house or play with the cats. The weird things we do, right? I share a lot about my life & love over on Instagram, so come on over and say hi!

self-care coach

I am a self care warrior who has spent years creating self care practices that fuel me and fill my days with delight & joy.

One of the reasons I identify as coach/warrior instead of as an expert is because self-care is such an ongoing journey. A warrior is: a person who has shown great vigor or courage.

This definition is why I want to empower all of my clients to become self-care warriors too! It's with this vigor & courage that we choose ourselves daily and overcome busy and burn out.

If you want to join me on this journey of self-care check out our newsletter or work with me directly here.




I strive the create products that inspire those quiet moments with a cup of tea. Products that serve you as a human being, not as a faceless consumer.

Products that add value & thoughtfulness to your life. Products that remind you to:

Be still. Breathe deeply. Drink tea.

I, also, work diligently to work only with manufacturers who love this one beautiful planet of ours as much as I do! Check out my commitment to the planet!